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Fashion with history

Fashion with History

Magasin resides in one of Copenhagen’s oldest and most beautiful buildings, with a very central location on Kongens Nytorv.

In 1868, the founders of the department store opened their first textiles shop Emil Vett & Co in Denmark’s second largest city – Aarhus – and it was the foundation of the Magasin everybody knows and loves today. It was in 1870 that Emil Vett and Co opened the first Magasin Du Nord in the Danish capital. The store’s name originated from the building, which at the time housed a fine old hotel called Hotel Du Nord.

The world-renowned Danish storyteller H.C. Andersen lived in a small attic of the building as a young man, and may well have penned some of his most famous fairytales here. Years later in 1890, the original building was torn down and replaced by a building in classic French new Renaissance style. Inspired by large French department stores, Magasin became equipped with a magnificent staircase to the upper departments. The building’s facade has a middle section and two side sections. The dome above the middle section and the tiled roof on each side of the dome are strongly influenced by the Louvre museum in Paris. bruger cookies for at give dig en bedre oplevelse gemmer vi dine informationer om dit besøg på Læs mere