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A gourmet mecca

A Gourmet Mecca

No department store is complete without a food universe for gourmets, and Magasin is no exception. The Food & Wine department stocks the most delicious selection of food from leading Danish and foreign producers.

Fresh meat and dairy products are delivered from the Danish farm, Grambogård, and shelves are stocked with a large choice of Southern European wines and goods. Premium cheeses, foie gras and antipasti are all offered, together with around 150 olive oils, balsamic vinegars and pastas. In 2007, Food & Wine was ranked in the top 25 of the World’s Greatest Food Retailers.

A strong part of Magasin’s brand is Magasin Chocolate, which is handmade by the store’s own chocolate factory. Every single piece of chocolate is made from invariable principles of noble raw ingredients and outstanding craftsmanship.

As a supplier to the Danish Monarch, the 70-year-old tradition of confectionary craftsmanship really is ‘fit for a queen’. Magasin Chocolate contains a minimum of 60% cocoa, and the marzipan is made from the sweetest Spanish almonds. From soft caramel, to nut-covered chocolate truffles – it is some of the most fresh and exquisite chocolate to be found in Denmark.

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